Why Dog is Human's Multivitamin is 100% Worth It for Homecookers

Here is why 35,000+ homecookers love adding the DM-01™ Daily Multivitamin

from Dog is Human at mealtime for complete, daily nutrition.

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4.9 / 5 stars from our Homecooking Community

1. Fill Nutritional Gaps in Homecooked Diets

Dog is Human is vet-formulated to fill nutritional gaps in your dog's homecooked diet. A single chew supports five core areas that are essential for improved dog health: Hip & Joint, Heart Health, Skin & Coat, Immunity, and Digestion. Cover your dog's every nutritional need with this Multivitamin!

2. Easiest Way to Complete Nutrition (tastes like a treat)

Even the pickiest pups love the taste. Adding the Multivitamin to your dog's meal takes only a few seconds. Your pup's daily nutrition is 100% worth it for their long-term health. To make things even more convenient - you get Free Shipping when you choose Subscription at checkout. Worst case, we have a 30-Day Happyiness Guarantee!

3. Ultimate Money Saver by Avoiding Extra Vet Visits

Health is built on daily nutrition. Adding this Multivitamin to your dogs homecooked meal will reduce unnecessary vet visits and prevent health complications as your dog ages. Subscribe today and Save 15% + FREE SHIPPING for life!

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4. Made from 100% Human-Grade Ingredients

A daily chew with everything your dog needs, without the things they don’t. Research finds that human-grade food is more digestible and improves your dog's overall health. Formulated by vets, each chew has 12-essential human-grade ingredients for key nutritional support & long-term health in one daily treat. 

5. We're the Leader in Human-Grade Pet Health™

We’re Pioneering a New Standard. We only use premium ingredients and work directly with veterinarians to give your dog a comprehensive chew for their mealtime. Each chew is packed with nutrient dense, clinically proven ingredients. Join our Proactive Dog Parent Community today and add the DM-01™ Multivitamin to your dog's homecooked meal!

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Formulated by a team of 3 Board-Certified Vets.

Made in Vermont

All ingredients are sourced from the US.


Made with the highest quality human-grade ingredients.

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