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Dog is Human.

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Stare into your dog’s eyes — like us, you know there is a world of compassion, emotion, and thought beyond the barking.

We believe Dog is Human. Thus, we’re on a mission to empower dogs to live their healthiest lives by raising the standard of pet health.


What Guides Us


Dog Is Human

We believe Dog is Human. That's why we are making pet health human-grade. Honestly, dogs are probably better than humans.


Pet Health is a Science

We put the effectiveness of our product above all, and that starts with a rigorous formulation and development process led by leading veterinarians and doctors (yes, human doctors). We’re all about translating the same caliber of care in human science to the pet space.


Everyone Smiles

We’re howling, snazzy, and super extra dog lovers. Dogs bring us happiness so we’re all about bringing big smiles to our dogs and you, the amazing parent! Every dog deserves the happiest life and that paw-ty starts with health.

Our Scientific Board Members

Our veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and researchers are the core of our product innovations in pet health.

Dr. Jess Edmeier, DMV

Dr. Jessica Edmeier, DVM

Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Adam Christman, DVM

Lead Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Sydney Pokard, DVM

Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Pradeep Mally, MD

Dr. Pradeep Mally, MD

Neonatologist | Scientific Advisor

Dr. Paula Simons, DVM

Veterinary Advisor

The Human Dogs: Meet Our Community

Join the family of snazzy dog pals that believes #DogisHuman

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