Daily Multivitamin

100% Human-Grade Ingredients

The human-grade multivitamin soft chews for key nutritional support & long-term health in one daily treat.

12 clinically-proven ingredients

Suitable for all dogs 3 months +

Five essential health benefits in one

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Made in Vermont


Made in Vermont

No Artificial



Five Core Benefits for

Long-Term Health

Our veterinary team developed DM-01™ around five core
areas that are essential for better dog health.

Hip & Joint

Improved mobility and reduced hip & joint stiffness.

Heart Health

Coq10 provides additional cardiovascular support.

Skin & Coat

Shinier coat & less itching.


Better gut health leads to a stronger immune function.


Probiotics support a healthier digestive system.

Delicious Treats,

Complete Nutrition

Each jar contains 60 chews, which is up to

a two-month supply.


Give them a delicious chew every morning with food or any time as a stand-alone treat. Positive improvements should begin to appear within 4 - 6 weeks.

Dog weight

Serving / day

Less than 25Ibs

1 Chew

25Ibs – 75lbs

2 Chew

75Ibs or more

3 Chew

Formulated and Praised by Leading Vets

  • "With 12 clinically-backed ingredients, I always recommend parents incorporate these daily chews for extended benefits beyond the diet."

    Dr. Jessica Edmeier, DVM

  • "DM-01 is the most effective, well-rounded supplement on the market. I would recommend it to any dog parent looking for comprehensive, daily support."

    Dr. Adam Christman, DVM

  • "Dog is Human’s Daily Multivitamin provides a simple and effective way to bolster key components of your dog’s health for the long run."

    Dr. Sydney Pokard, DVM

The Formulation

Made with only 12 essential active


Our 15,000+ Friends Love to Wag About Us

See how we’re helping dog pals stay snazzy and healthy.

Less Itching

More Active

Thicker Coat

  • @vetmedjess As a vet, I give Oscar these @dogishuman chews everyday and he’s obsessed. It’s the easiest way I can invest in his health!

  • @cookiegoldendoodle Cookie had itching, skin issues, and mushy poop for years. Our friend recommended @dogishuman and we’ve nvr looked back :)

  • @itslunasworld I love Dr. Chae for recommending @dogishuman to momma. Now I get the most tasty treato everyday, and it makes sure I stay healthy ❤️

  • @snackingstella Hehe momma bought me these boujee dog multivitamins from @dogishuman and they are so delicious 😋, hope she keeps spoiling me.

  • @urkellevine I’ve never felt more active, I’m barely limping anymore 💪🏻. Being old ain’t easy, but I’m feeling younger than ever with @dogishuman!!!

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