πŸ₯š Easter Eggs

Created by: @make.time.for.fika
Reviewed by: Dr. Paula Simons, DVM
Prep time: 3 mins
Cook time: 9 mins
Fun & Seasonal Treats

Dog-friendly deviled eggs are the perfect healthy dog treat this Easter! Eggs are a great way to provide key nutrition in your pup's diet to improve skin and coat health as well as strengthen teeth and bone structure.

Follow along with our video recipe HERE!



    1. Fill a medium pot with water and let it come to a boil on high heat.

    2. Add the eggs to the pot once the water has boiled. Let cook for 9 minutes.

    3. Removed the eggs from the pot and let cool. Once cooled, peel the eggs and slice them in half.

    4. Separate the yolk from the egg whites.

    5. Crumble the yolks in a small bowl and add in the Greek yogurt, and turmeric. Mix until smooth.

    6. Add yolk mixture to a piping bag or spoon the mixture back into the egg white halves.

    7. Top with a Dog is Human multivitamin and enjoy!

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