πŸ‘» Banana Carob Mummies

Created by: @amourhedibleustaffy
Reviewed by: Dr. Paula Simons, DVM
Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: 15 mins
Fun & Seasonal

Howl-o-ween dog treats made a whole lot healthier with this simple fruit-based recipe! Recreate these spook-tacular treats using a base of frozen bananas and strawberries decorated with dog-safe foods like carob chips and yogurt drops.

Follow along with our video recipe HERE!



    1. Cut the banana into 2 inch pieces.

    2. Add a toothpick to each banana and strawberry.

    3. Melt the carob and coconut oil on medium low heat.

    4. Dip each banana and strawberry into the melted carob.

    5. Add a small amount of carob at the center of the yogurt drops for the eyes.

    6. Melt the yogurt drops on medium low heat.

    7. Using a toothpick or fork, drizzle the melted yogurt drops over the mummies

    8. Top with a Dog is Human multivitamin.

    9. Enjoy!

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