πŸŽƒ Pumpkin Bites

Created by: @amourhedibleustaffy
Reviewed by: Dr. Paula Simons, DVM
Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: ~2-3 hrs
Fun & Seasonal

Adorable little dog treats made from the best of autumn’s bounty! These tasty and healthy treats make a great addition to any Barksgiving table too.

Follow along with our video recipe HERE!



    1. In a large pot, boil the pumpkin until soft. Once cooked blend or mash until a smooth consistency is formed.

    2. Add the yogurt drops to the pumpkin mixture on low heat until combined.

    3. Next add the coconut flour and set dough aside to cool.

    4. Once cooled, seal dough and place in refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

    5. Remove dough from the fridge and form 1” balls.

    6. Using a toothpick, create indentations around the ball 3 times to resemble a pumpkin.

    7. Dust on crumbled Dog is Human multivitamin.

    8. Top with a piece of carob as the stem.

    9. Enjoy!

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