🍣 Sushi

Created by: @amourhedibleustaffy
Reviewed by: Dr. Paula Simons, DVM
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 5 mins

Treat your pup to a tail-wagging experience of flavors and textures, with our dog-friendly sushi recipe! Simply roll your base of choice and extra goodies in dog-safe seaweed, slice into bite-sized pieces, and watch your pup delight in this sushi-inspired snack!

Follow along with our video recipe HERE!


  • Seaweed Sheets

  • Base Options: raw beef, shredded cooked salmon, or soaked kibble made into a spread

  • Egg

  • Cucumber

  • Salmon Belly (optional - can replace with dog-friendly vegetables)

  • Blackberries


    1. In a small bowl, scramble your egg and add to a frying pan. Cook and roll into a long form.

    2. Place a seaweed sheet on your surface then add your base to the whole sheet and spread it in a thin layer.

    3. Add sliced avocado and cucumber to the base of the sheet.

    4. Next, add the omelette and optional salmon belly or dog-friendly vegetables.

    5. Sprinkle Dog is Human multivitamin to the sheet.

    6. Begin to roll your sushi into a long form then slice into bite-sized pieces.

    7. Top with blackberries as a caviar and enjoy!

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